The MEG-EEG Centre from ICM, Paris will be 20 years old this year. We are organising a one-day

workshop to commemorate this event.

This workshop will take place on the 16th of november 2018, at the ICM in the heart of Paris. We are

planning an exciting program, which will feature a half-day devoted to hardware development and a

second half day devoted to advancements in signal processing and data analysis methods with a set of

high profile speakers.

We plan to have keynotes and other talks and adequate time for discussions. The day will close with a

cocktail reception.

Registration is free but mandatory. So please register as soon as possible.


Looking forward to seeing you in Paris,

The MEG-EEG team


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N. George

G. Barnes

L. Parkkonen

M. Pannetier-Lecoeur

G. Green

C. Tallon-Baudry

M. Bonnefond

M. Gavaret

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